I’m simultaneously working on two stories set in the future.  One way way ahead and the other really close.  Is that a bad idea?  Two totally different worlds, with absolutely different tones and formats and stories to tell.  This is true: the one in the distant future takes place in Brooklyn and the one in the near future takes place in outer space.

I found the below doing some research awhile ago.  They’re not mine and I can’t remember where I found them.

Sorry internet.

Richard Benjamin has never looked so dashing.  I delight and impress myself that I can name actors like Richard Benjamin from memory.  Thank you God for the many gifts you have blessed upon me.

Someday, people will stop painting like this.  But try taking a photograph that has this much propaganda bravado.  It won’t.

Welcome to New New Rochelle!

I am surprised to find myself this deeply entrenched in this genre.  I don’t think about science fiction much, but I definitely think about the future plenty.  I do believe there will be an Anti-Kansas vibe in the future.  The band.