We came back from vacation to mice this Summer.  For about a month, they terrorized us with their tiny poop.  I won’t say they didn’t break my will – too negative… but they won many battles in at the beginning of the war.

The images below were captured by the new motion-sensor security cameras.  The fuckers ate our fucking peaches.


It got weird for awhile since we have a ton of these stuffed mice: brown ones, white ones, grey ones.  They’ve been all over our house since Mae’s third birthday I think.  We thought more kids would take them home as party favors.  How could we NOT get an eventual infestation with these totemic decoys summoning them from far away (probably the 2nd floor).

I am proud to share with you the exciting news that I haven’t touched mouse shit in a long time.  I may never declare any “ultimate” victory here because I’m not a fool – I know I’m outnumbered at all times.