I become increasingly germophobic, daily.  It surprises me.  Maybe it’s just a phase coinciding with the small children I need to protect.  I mean, I wash my hands all day long, but it’s usually because there’s baby feces on them.  But I realized yesterday I didn’t want to pet the cat (we have a foster cat in the house to fight mice) because then I’d need to wash my hands and I couldn’t be bothered.

When I touch something dirty now, I actually FEEL it on my skin until it’s washed.  I hold that hand aside, protecting the world from its contact.

So maybe I’m losing yet another carefree part of myself as I grow older and things like “health” seem more and more important.  Why did I put health in quotes?  Wait.  Do I secretly believe that “health” doesn’t exist?  Wait again.  I was trying to be funny just now, but I think I hit on something.  I totally, in my heart of hearts, deeply and truly believe that 98% of my health and well-being is fully imaginary.

And I believe that’s a profoundly healthy attitude.  Anyhow…

Speaking of dirt, I live in a mouse-infested industrial building on the outskirts of an EPA Superfund site – the ever-stinky Gowanus Canal.  Brooklyn is a grubby place at best and I love it.  I moved to New York City almost 20 years ago and aside from two years in Jersey City during college, I haven’t left.  I like the dirt I guess.  I like the graffiti.  I like this worn-out, beaten-down, shit-stained city.  It’s punk fucking rock.  Aesthetically, it’s perfect for me.  It’s why I chose this place.  I just wash my hands when I get inside my apartment, is all.

This is a picture of the diaper changing table in a popular coffee shop in Park Slope Brooklyn:

There are a few conditions that would let me drop my heightened awareness of germs and put my babies’ asses on this:
apocalypse (dissolution of modern society, gangs of flesh-eating mutants, etc.)
shitpocalypse (overflowing shitsplosion, oozing out from the confines of a diaper, etc.)

That caught my eye.  Then I looked to its left and saw a poster for upcoming events at the coffee shop.  Flyers are awesome.

I’m no stickler for grammar, but I do love literate music by signer-songerwriters.  It’s rare to find, but worth it when you do.