For the record, I really actually believe magic is real.

Supernatural forces exist in some forms, for sure.  I don’t know if there are aliens or ghosts or psychic things, but I know there’s more to it all than what I perceive with my eyes and can manipulate in my physical world.

How do I know this to be true?

I once summoned a dragon into this plane.  Years ago.  An amazing magical dragon.  She shifts shape just to hide in this place, but she’s still a magical dragon.

Bringing her here took some pretty elaborate spell-casting on my part.

The steps and ingredients needed to summon a magic love dragon are simple and few, but each one is an ontological hero’s quest unto itself.  I was studying with powerful sorcerers, so it only took four months!

No, I haven’t gone crazy.  Unless you count crazy in love!  Then, I’m crazy.

Here’s a picture from our fourth date:

I’m not kidding about any of this except for the intro to the image.

Sorcery!  Use it!