I’ve been working on a couple design projects these past few months.

Sometimes I complain (in my head) when I’m designing something.  The truth is – if I’m the one doing it, it’s probably not getting the attention it needs at any given moment.  But then in those other moments, when I’m lost in the layout – thinking and looking and pushing things here and there and just zoning out in the zone… it is magical and satisfying when it’s really working.

Well it’s satisfying when it’s done.  Up until then it’s a lot of frowning and tweaking and tossing things out that aren’t working.  I’m lucky in so many ways that I’ve been able to step back from these two projects, work on other kinds of things (storyboarding, writing) and then returning with fresh eyes.  It’s a rare luxury for sure to have this kind of slow cooking on design assignments.

I realize too that I go through phases with what I’m liking, visually – much in the same way I do with what I wear.  It changes year to year.  I might be liking a kind of font pairing more these days in the same way I might be liking a certain cut of pants more these days (or whatever).  I don’t look at my contemporaries’ work very often (or fashion things ever), but I do live a life which is packed with inspiration and visual stimulation and I work really hard at maintaining that as much as anything.


I’m not going to include an image in the body of this post so you can relax and enjoy the lovely design of this free WordPress theme my site uses: “Sight” by Wpshower.  It’s really nice.  I will inevitably get bored with it sometime in the immediate future.