Here are some more scans from my purple sketchbook.  I’m starting to get excited about starting a new one – a feeling I haven’t had in awhile.

Writing these posts, I’ve decided on the need for two simultaneous sketchbooks: a hardbound book  for “free” drawing; experimental stuff to keep my brain and hand loose and amuse myself – and another spiralbound book for “assignments”; goal-oriented drawing, like character designs.

I’ve decided this because in the middle of my purple book (and peppered throughout, really) there are a ton of decent and shitty drawings for some of my development projects.  Most of them are attempts at heroic poses for the pitch bible for an action series I’ve been working on for nearly a decade.  These kinds of drawings need their own place of utility and revision.

I’m sure this is important information for you too!  I’m actually very happy to have finally figured out how to organize these things!

Of course, if I ever get the Wacom Inkling, none of this will matter.

Here are the drawings:

I can’t not draw strange creaturepeople.  Not sure what else is inside my brainhand.

Okay, the above and below were drawn while I was working on an idea for a show about a manipulative downtown hipster weirdo who lives in the fantasy world of his past successes.  I now think it’d be better live action.  Or documentary!  Hoooo!

The below dude would be a secondary character: the young aggro friend.

I was trying to find a fun and simple 2D style that could work for a world of hip artsy people.  I was going to center it around a music scene – young and hungry creative people hanging out in bars, meeting the phony impresario character and falling for it.  I didn’t take any of the drawings very far – just trying to find a simple style I might be able to do a quick short with.

Feels odd posting some of these half-baked things.  Then again, feels odd posting anything!  I’m an under-sharer by nature.

But with you… with you, it’s different somehow.  You make me feel… beautiful again.
Love you, bye!