I’ve been wanting to post the last of the scans I made from the purple sketchbook, but this has been the first chance in awhile.

The wife is sick with a fever – in bed since before I got home at 4 today.

Ida and Mae are asleep in their new bunkbed – complete with kitten stickers from its previous little girls.  Mine somehow didn’t notice the stickers until I pointed them out when I got home today.  I could see their little wheels turning – fun.

Charlotte, with a crusty runny nose and a light fever herself, just fell asleep in my arms watching loud standup clips on YouTube.

Tomorrow, I will know what’s happening tomorrow – whether Jo will be napping and nursing through Thanksgiving while I make food (?!) or if she will have triumphed against her body’s enemies and my belly.

For now, I’m going to relax.  Alone-ish.

This guy.  You know – that character actor who always plays the heavy.  In my head.


I should finish an image one of these days.  Seriously.  All of these could be real drawings, but they’re not really – they’re kind of like sketches of drawings instead.  What the hell.

I like this guy’s face.  It got pretty sculptural for me.  I wanna touch his nose.


And… Oh shit – this guy?  I fuckun love this guy!  Blobby muthafucka!  Shit.

I like drawing weird little dudes.  Nothing is new.

Happy Thanksgiving!