It’s been awhile.

I used to find time to write at night a couple times a week, but  for months my workdays have been so creatively/mentally/metaphysically challenging that by the time I pull in from my Nascarrish commute at 8 or 9, I’m wiped.  I have nothing for anybody.

This is what I see if I find parking on Huntington and it’s Fall or Winter.
Home: Winter 2012

We got rid of cable a few months ago in the interest of relieving us of evening distractions.  Instantly, we discovered work-arounds.  Jo keeps getting more and more pregnant as the weeks pass, and schlepherding our three daughters to and from school by foot (rain or shine), managing all their daily sanities, and cooking everything everyone eats from scratch of the highest standards – she needs to shut her brain off and prop her aching legs up.  So once I get home and the house is reset from the days daze, we swivel the couch around to face the TV, and we shut off our brains a little.

Since September I’ve had a busier business life than I’ve ever lived – and aside from the near year of joblessness before Blue Sky, I’ve worked like a slavedog since college.

I’m just trying to tell you guys that as the last four Ice Age 4 marketing cartoons are being prepped to ship out the door next week, I can start to see a finish line(ish).  Once this all stops and June starts, I may have something left over for my wife and family, brainwise.  And I may have something left over from that to put into writing in spaces like this.

20 down (since January!!!), four to go.  Five if you include the thing for Home Entertainment.  Oof.