I am an Emmy and Annie Award-losing animation director who makes cartoons for world peace and money.

My work has appeared in TV shows, unaired TV pilots, and in many too-often-aired TV commercials. This right now is the internet.

Evelyn Revelin'

Evelyn Revelin’

My dear grandmother Evelyn died on May 1, 2015.  There were a couple of really beautiful, god-zapped skies on my long and distracted commute home.  What a weird day.  I left work a couple hours early and went to the mall. I was always so proud to be partly her – it made me a more confident...
An accidental picnic.

An accidental picnic.

This is now super old news, but back in March we got into a car accident.  A guy decided he wanted to take a sudden left turn and discovered that this was where we were driving at that time.   It was pretty sudden and scary.  Three tiny kids in the back seats and my...
You're too weird.

You’re too weird.

Watching this season’s Niece episode of Louie on Sunday made me think something I don’t think about much as an adult. That strange little girl was me at 13.  I was more happy-go-lucky and social, but I was weird.  I went weird at 11.  I left for Summer camp that year a normal kid and...
Pitches is crazy.

Pitches is crazy.

Even though I haven’t yet been able to trick a network into supporting an idea past the pilot phase, it’s been fun trying. I admit freely that I’ve pitched some truly half-baked nonsense to some very patient professionals – certainly in the beginning. My old producing partner and I had our web series Miss Muffy...

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