CEOs call me a creative unicorn.

I’m a multidisciplinary creative person (copy & design, digital & physical products) and an expert manager of other creative people.

Over the years, I’ve conceived, pitched, directed, creative directed, produced, sold, written, animated, designed and micromanaged commercials, TV pilots, broadcast titles, viral shorts, websites, ad campaigns, and beloved products.

I’ve partnered with media companies (Disney, Warner Brothers, Nickelodeon, MTV, Sony Pictures, Discovery, Fox TV, HBO, Showtime and IFC) and consumer brands (Nike, Crocs, McDonald’s, Peugeot, Target, Nestlé, Dewar’s, AT&T and the US Navy).

Most recently, I was the Vice President of Creative, leading the ideation and execution of the world’s best dog products at BARK (aka BarkBox), helping grow it from a tiny creative team to a public company selling $500 million worth of best-in-class products for your best friend / favorite child, every year.

When I’m not working with brands and startups, I can be found staring blankly into the distance, imagining things I haven’t made yet, but please feel free to interrupt to say hi.